Smartphone - (topic: videos shot on mobile phones)

Thanks to all the technology, thanks to all the smartphones and whatnot, you can now record someone banging in front of you or you can record yourself banging someone, the possibilities are truly endless. Cell phone shot videos are incredibly popular because they are incredibly hot. You don't get an experience this immersive with professionally-shot videos with beautiful cinematography and high production values, nope. The way people bang in reality, well, it's usually in some seedy back alley or in a messy room. Oftentimes blurry cell phone footage adds to the experience.

Don't go all grandpa on us, either. It's not "kids these days", the humanity has been obsessed with capturing sex ever since the beginning of time. People recorded their "home videos" on VHS and before that they were drawing themselves having sex on some cave walls or something. You are very welcome for this history lesson, let's get to the gist of it now.

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